Weight Loss


  • OK, I don't know exactly how this works but the last two days have been amazing!  I went to the mall on wednesday and I’ve always been tempted to stop at the food court and order crap: mexi fries, Chinese food and what ever else. I walked right by it not even registering the food court was there. On my way back I forced myself to stop - I even tried to talk myself into ordering something and NOTHING!  I had absolutely no desire to order a thing. I’ve been cooking healthy dinners with no hesitation and I just get out and exercise without a second thought.I LOVE YOU!!!!  I can't wait for next wed! Thank you so much! Anna 

Stop Smoking


  •  I wanted to extend my thanks to Kim. I haven't noticed the warnings on the cigarette packages lately, and when I arrived home I noticed my empty pack. I was astonished to read: Warning:Each year the equivalent of a small city dies from tobacco use. Anyway, thank you again and I'm certain my success will bring a few new clients to you.  I already know 3 people enquiring. Sincerely, Monica

  • A year ago last February I came to Kim as a last resort to try and quit smoking. I had spent the best part of my life trying to quit. I had tried every quit smoking aid out there along with going cold turkey, but always fell off the wagon. I came to Kim with a rather negative outlook but was truly desperate to quit. I live with a smoker which in the past was a problem for me. After one session with Kim I have not had the desire to smoke at all. I can say with absolute certainty I will never smoke again.Thank you Kim you probably saved my life.

Sincerely Elaine Stirling 2011


Public Speaking


  • Just wanted to let you know that the presentation went awesome. I'm mystified with how it works.  I'm going to save a little money and come visit you again.  Take care and I'll be sure to pass your card again and again.  Nic 

  •  Let me take this opportunity to tell you Kim Boudreau how grateful I am to you, for introducing me to hypnosis! It's was a life changing moment for me. In a few sessions I solved a life time issue and afterwards I decided to study Hypnosis and follow my Bliss. Huge hugs and sending you lots of smiles!  Vanessa Robb 



  •  I had a couple of hypnotherapy sessions a few months back. It was for alcoholism. I just wanted to say thank you for giving me my life back. My kids now have the mom they deserve and I owe you my life. I never thought this would work for me to tell you the truth, I only did it to make my mom happy! But little did I know it would ACTUALLY work. I went from consuming 50-100 beverages per week to about 3-4 drinks once or twice per month. Huge huge huge improvement. Thank you a million.
    -Sara 2015 

Personal Strength


  •  I just wanted to drop Kim a quick note to say thank you so much, the session that I had with you made a tremendous difference in my life. I have been speaking about you a lot to my friends and have passed on your information. I believe they will be in touch soon as they are interested in making some life changes for themselves as well. Mary and Kevin both have your info. I hope their experiences will be as amazing as mine was. Thank you for making a difference, I will be forever grateful. Cheryl 

Healing Relationships


 We extended our stay in Vancouver, after seeing Kim and we got back safely late last night. Thank you again for the wonderful experience and healing, you can't believe how you changed our lives. We won't hesitate to contact you again if necessary and we will
recommend you. Many Thanks, Patrick and Marie-Eve