Anxiety Fear Depression

Depression and Anxiety


  • Depression, sadness, fear, anxiety and hopelessness are some of the most common and most crippling emotions (programs) that we can experience. Through hypnotherapy I will show You, your subconscious mind and your conscious mind how to navigate  through your Thoughts and Emotions, lets call these Thoughts and Emotions, "Programs", programs that are playing in your Subconscious mind, your subconscious mind is your "Mother Board". Once you are in the Mother Board you will learn how to switch, toggle from one program to another program. Let go of old out dated emotions, clean up all limiting  beliefs, negative monkey chatter, sleeplessness. Turn Profound Sadness into Profound Happiness and learn to live in this New Programming called Happiness for Life!

Trauma & PTSD


  •  Think of Trauma, Profound Sadness or PTSD as corrupted programming causing havoc with your mind thoughts. These programs are constantly lying to you, Bulling you into Believing You are worthless.  I want you to know that these programs called "trauma, profound sadness and ptsd are Big Giant Bullies, Corrupted Files. These Corrupted Files are constantly down loading and recording wrong data, recording the monkey chatter playing in the back ground. 
    Let Kim show you how to clean up your Corrupted Data, old ways of thinking and feeling, learn how to take control of the monkey chatter. I'ts time to stand up to the Big Bully's,The Bad Programming Playing Havoc in your Life.  Stand Up To The Bullies & Take Back Your Life! 
  • Helping people with: depression, anxiety, fears, public speaking, personal growth, boost your self worth and confidence and so much more in Langley, Surrey, White Rock, Abbotsford area.

Healing Relationships


  • Along our life's journey we meet all kinds of people, some very nice, some not so nice. The not so nice people rob you of your happiness, childhood, trust and the list goes on. In a hypnotherapy session you will take back all your personal power you lost on your journey of life. You will release all negative emotions that do not belong to you. Last but not least Forgiveness, you will be able to forgive any person that has harmed you emotionally. You will be ale to forgive them, not for what they did but for the bad programming given to them. 
  • Healing Relationships/ Taking Back Your Personal Power