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Stop Smoking


Smokers Just sit back, close your eyes and listen. A short time later you’ll happily end your love affair with cigarettes-- forever.


You Can Stop!

No matter how much you smoke...or how long you've been can stop smoking without anxiety, irritability, cravings or weight gain.

Kim has helped smokers stop their smoking habit with one private hypnotherapy session.  Kim’s stop smoking hypnosis session is safe and it is effective. It has helped thousands of smokers from ages 20 to 75 throw away their cigarettes and become non-smokers


What makes Kim’s Method so different?

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Kim is an expert in smoking cessation. She has studied and worked with smokers for many years, she knows smokers.

What makes her method so successful is that it addresses the three parts of the smoking conundrum: the psychological habit, the physical addiction, and the emotional attachments/excuses…all of the components associated with smoking.


You have TRIED to stop smoking, haven’t you? Perhaps have TRIED the “nicotine patches”, the “nicotine gum”, the “inhalers” or the pills. You may have TRIED counseling, group programs…or maybe you attempted to tough it out and go “cold turkey”.

When you TRIED to quit, didn’t it feel like there was a battle going on inside of you?

One part of you…KNOWS you should stop smoking FOR YOUR HEALTH & SURVIVAL…while another part of you simply won’t let you!


Because the subconscious is stronger than the conscious you felt like a battle was raging on inside of you. Perhaps you felt anxiety, irritability, anger, rage, hatred, depression, sadness, a feeling of loss, or a sense of being out of control. Perhaps you began to eat everything in sight. Because those feelings were so uncomfortable you went back to smoking. Didn’t you?


Hypnosis is the answer you are looking for! It Works!

Become a non-smoker for life in two or less sessions. You will see the truth about the cigarettes you smoke and you will not exchange the smoking habit for any other habits. You can release yourself from the smoking habit.


Hypnosis is a very powerful method in helping you to stop smoking. In fact it is the fastest way in helping you to stop...
Think of your mind as a computer hard drive, you have a program that is a smoker. In hypnosis we tap into that program and upgrade the program by educating it . The program you have now believes smoking is doing something good for you.....
This Smoking Program Lies to you...this program is filled with excuses as to why you need to smoke...

When we educate the smoker by showing the smoker it is in fact harming your internal body, slowing killing it. The smoker has no problem exchanging this behavior for a more beneficial program...........A NON-SMOKER
You will become a non-smoker, a non-smoker does not smoke or except cigarettes from smokers or care if some one else is smoking. You may think of a cigarette but it will be in the mind set of a non-smoker, thankful you are not a smoker any longer...

Hypnosis can not make you stop, only you can allow this to happen..

Most of all my clients will stop in one session, at least 75%. Simply because they become a non-smoker. A small percentage of clients may need a second session and very rare if you would need more. If you need more it is because you do not want to stop. It is some one else who wants you to stop or for a medical reason and you do not want to give up your best friend "the cigarette"...Then it turns into therapy

50 Year Finding on Smoking

Fifty years ago, Richard Doll led a study of smoking among British male physicians – one of the first that clearly linked smoking and lung cancer. Now, Doll and colleagues report long-term mortality data for 34,439 of these physicians. The original 1954 to 1930 who smoked only cigarettes and continued smoking died, on average, about 10 years younger than lifelong non-smokers. The mortality gap widened over time: For example, among men born during the 1910s, non-smokers were twice as likely as smokers to survive from age 35 to 70; this survival advantage for non-smokers was threefold among men born during the 1920s, who initiated their habits earlier and smoked more than smokers born in previous decades had done.


Smoking apparently also abolishes the advances in human life expectancy of the last half century. Lifelong non-smokers who reached age 70 in the 1950s had a 12% chance of reaching age 90; by the 1990s, a non-smoking 70-year-old’s chance of reaching age 90 had risen to 33%. In contrast, such chances for smokers declined over this period – from 10% to 7%. The benefits of quitting also were clear: On average, the earlier a man quit (60, 50, 40, and 30) the more years of life he gained (3, 6, 9, and 10 years, respectively).



Mortality risks from cigarette smoking are even higher than previously suspected. Regular smokers die about 10 years younger than non-smokers, and smoking reduces the chances of surviving to old age be two- to threefold. Because smokers are, on average, taking up the habit at younger and younger ages, the current generation of regular smokers will probably face even higher excess mortality risk. The good new is that quitting is beneficial at any age, although quitting before age 30 is necessary to attain life expectancy similar to that of non-smokers. – Beat J. Meyer, MD


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