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Channeled Readings by Tracey Smith - We all have Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides that walk with us. Tracey offers intuitive readings, home readings, workshops and more. Located in Surrey, BC, she also offers intuitive readings by phone.


Intuitive Fractal Energy Art  - Captivating and stunning, the visionary fractal artwork of Cheryl Lee Harnish is capturing international acclaim. In the search for spiritual reconnection and peace, people from around the globe are being drawn to the phenomenal energy of the intuitive fractal art which Cheryl creates.  See her newly release deck of "Path of the Soul" Destiny Cards and receive a reading online.

Orgone Generators by Reinhard Stanjek - Orgone Generators change negative EMF (ElectroMagnetic Energy) into pure, positive life energy.  All living organisms find positive orgone beneficial to health and wellbeing.  Richmond - Vancouver, BC.


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